MIA002: Odyssee


ahmed tohmé – focus
ahmed tohmé – odyssee
ahmed tohmé – essence

Artist: Ahmed Tohmé
Title: Odyssee EP
Cat.No.: MIA002
Release Date: 07.04.2017


Artwork: Laura Zimmermann, laura.z(at)

Producing electronic music these days sometimes feels like an odyssee through endless oportunites of sound and beat creations. You may get lost between oscillations, stumble upon a mysterious break or fall in love with hypnotic melodies. But in all the confusion there is similarity reduced to the pressure of persistent bass drum and a hi-hat cutting through the air. Focus on the essence of the track and simplify your music to a clear message on the dance floor.


This track is a clear wake up call on the floor. An omnipresent bass drum carries the listener through a widespread bed of percussions, alienated pads and effect sounds. And with that the track manages the balancing act between dark techno and progressive house, without losing the permanent pressure you need to keep your feet moving. A hypnotizing 303 arpeggio accompanies the rushing beat and leads to a powerful break.


Every EP needs its storytelling track and Odyssee accomplish this task with its arousing arrangement build on a solid beat structure and a subversive analog melody loop. A stunning break next to weird vocal effects is guaranteed before the tracks peaks with a vigorous blow and continues with breathtaking power.


Sometimes a traditional way of choosing sounds and percussions enlightens the path to a new aural experience. A warm and satisfying kick drum in liaison with classic 909 hats and strong  analog arpeggios fill the air, occupy the whole dance floor and soak the listener into a world of contemporary club music with a nice retro charme.